“Peace, Power, Prosperity” Trilogy Bracelet


Upscale Your Stack

Are you looking for a little more variety and elegance in your bracelet stacks (and maybe not so many strings)?  If so, our Trilogy bracelets are for you!  Each bracelet has three unique strands which can be easily removed or rearranged.  Wear one, two or all three strands.  Braid them, twist them or wear them straight.  Bracelets come with a 2.5″, easily-removable extender so that you can wear your stack as high or low on the wrist as you want.  This is versatility times 3 – the possibilities are endless!

Stones featured in this bracelet are:

Amethyst:  Long known as a “stone of royalty”, amethyst has been used in crowns, scepters and religious jewelry for thousands of years.  It is a natural tranquilizer, with the ability to relieve stress, anger, fear and anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli:  Sometimes called “the wisdom stone”, lapis lazuli has adorned the royalty of many cultures from ancient times to modern.  It has a very high vibration and is associated with strength, courage and power.

Malachite:  The ancient Egyptians used malachite as an ornamental stone in jewelry and art.  It was imported from King Solomon’s infamous copper mines on the Red Sea.  If kept with money, malachite was believed to increase wealth.  Traders also wore the stone during business transactions to attract profitable deals.  It is said to bring harmony and assistance in gaining the heart’s desire.

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This bracelet is 7.25″ long.  Elements include hand-woven, enamel-coated anodized aluminum chain, Miyuki Delica glass beads, braided nylon cord, amethyst, lapis lazuli and malachite stones.

Handmade by Linda Vincent.  We love special orders, so if you have special sizing requirements or if you’d like to design your own custom treasure, contact us!