What Can We Do for You?


LightLadder offers unique services designed to bring the energy of Joy into your life!

Home & Office Energy Clearing: If your home or office just doesn’t feel “right”, it may be time for an energy clearing. A 90-minute Energy Clearing can make surprising changes in how your surroundings feel.  And that changes how you feel.

Insight Readings:  Are you struggling with a decision?  Or maybe having trouble with a job or relationship?  Or even wondering why you bother to get up in the morning?  If any of these apply to you, or if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of your life, an Insight Reading can be a powerful transformative experience.

Flash Reading Events:   If you’re planning an event, why not do something unique and memorable? Offer individual readings and be the Host with the Most!  We’ll provide a Flash Reading to each attendee, giving them 15 minutes of fascinating intuitive insights (and unforgettable entertainment).