Dreams do come true.

LightLadder was founded in 2015 by sisters Marcia Stanfield and Linda Vincent. Our mission is to bring the energy of Joy into people’s lives, and we offer a variety of services, products, and classes designed to do just that.   Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment for your personal growth and transformation.


A mild-mannered IT consultant by day, Marcia Stanfield has been exploring “something more” for over 10 years.  She’s a certified Medical Intuitive, and provides both readings and classes to help you light up your life.  She’s also a selenite artist, creating the scepters, pendants, and lamps you see in our Shop.


Linda Vincent


Linda Vincent is an Organizing Goddess and certified Intuitive Guide.  Her background in special needs parenting and education lends a deep insight and empathy to her readings for clients in the process of change.  She’s the talented creator of our jewelry and botanical products, and the driving force behind making the LightLadder dream come true.



And by the way… if you’re wondering about our name and logo, you can learn all about it here.