“Right Thing” Leather Wrap Bracelet


Do the “Right Thing”

Here in Colorado, we love copper and turquoise.  This bracelet combines the two and ties them together with natural leather cord.  It comes with an easily-removable, 2.5″ extender so that it can be worn as high or low on the wrist as you’d like.

Some background information on the elements:

Turquoise:  Turquoise has been prized by many cultures over thousands of years.  Strong and soothing, it works with the throat chakra to “open the lines of communication” in order to speak your truth.

Copper:  Copper’s mineral makeup helps to balance the energies of the warm sun and the cool moon.  It is said to be a “bestower of good”, bringing benefit to the wearer.  It is also beneficial in keeping your personal energy reserve full.


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This bracelet is 6.75″ long.  Elements include leather cord, copper beads and turquoise stones.

This piece was handmade by Linda Vincent.  We love special orders, so if you have special sizing requirements or if you’d like to design your own custom treasure, contact us!